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This is a set of four framed pieces that represent the four seasons through a depiction of trees. The top left depicts winter, with a cool color palette of whites and blues, and the trees lack leaves. The top right symbolizes spring, as the trees are shown with bright green foliage, suggesting new growth with lighter green or yellow dots scattered throughout, representing flowers or buds. The bottom left frame represents summer, with trees in a richer green tone, signifying the full bloom and lush foliage of the season. The bottom right frame is autumn, with the leaves rendered in warm colors, such as reds, oranges, and yellows, evoking the sense of changing and falling leaves. The textures created by the beads provide a tactile quality to the artwork, and the colors are skillfully chosen to convey the distinct atmosphere of each season. The black frames around each piece give a neat, finished look and serve to highlight the vibrant colors and details within.


Get all four seasons in this special edition unique bead mosaic kit.  With this kit you can create an endless variety of four season bead mosaics.  The videos show you how to create various styles of trees so you can personalize the set to your liking.  Create one for yourself, then make more to give as gifts.  They are so easy and fun to make and will look fabulous on your walls.  Dont forget to order the frames too. They are not included but we sell a set of four black ones to help you finish up the project like a true artist.


Each kit includes:

- Four 6x6 MDF boards (one for each season)

- Four sets of beads, one for each season with background beads and foliage beads

- 16 pre-cut plain black edge stripes for the board borders

- Four black glitter EVA sheets for the trees

- 4 oz Special formula Sabrina Skinny Glue specifically for this kit

- Instructions on paper as well the YouTube video link

- Tools are not included, so be sure to order your Tool Starter Kit seperatly


Order your sets today.

Set of Four Seasons Bead Mosaic Kit

SKU: DIY - 4 Season
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