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The Process

I have been creating bead mosaics for over 10 years.  When I started  I knew nothing about beads except they were beautiful and I loved them.  Jewelry making was not my thing but I wanted a way to use my beads to create something beautiful that wasn't as structured as traditional bead work. The patterns and instructions always confused me and why couldn't I mix bead styles and sizes together.  It took me about three years to overcome the various challenges, such as glue drying too fast and taking control of everything, or how to create the stained glass look without drawing lead lines.   As a designer the problem solving was something I thrived on and enjoyed overcoming.  As a former academic I love teaching and believe in passing on knowledge to others for advancement.  I cant wait to see what you create using my techniques and hopefully developing some of you own.  Dont forget to pull all your old beads out of storage and give them new life with your creative ideas; dont be afraid to get started on a new creative adventure.  Click below to learn more about my story and see me at work.

If you're interested in working with me in person to learn how to create bead mosaics please consider scheduling a workshop or private lesson.  There are several options available with dates scheduled as needed with participants.  Group lessons can be scheduled at your location, just contact me to learn more about availablity.  The costs and options are listed on the shop page.

Workshop Possabilties

Mini workshops are held in remote locations for a four hour time slot with a maximum of 6 people. The  cost includes the equipment and materials needed for one 8x10 project, plus instruction and open access to me to answer any questions about bead mosaics you want. *** If your interested in scheduling a group workshop in your area please contact us directly. ***

In Studio workshops are an all day event held at my studio in Carson City/S. Tahoe Nevada. The cost varies based on private or group events and includes the creation of projects, materials, lunch and instruction.  Check the workshop product number for pricing details and contact me directly to schedule.

Since it's such a small group I'm able to interact with everyone and work with you directly as needed.

Sabrina Frey Bead Mosaic Student with work 1
Sabrina Frey Bead Mosaic Student with work 2
Sabrina Frey Bead Mosaic Student with work 3
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