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Do you need a great squeeze bottle to dispence your Sabrina's Skinny Glue.  In this bundle you will receive an 7.8oz easy to use soft plastic squeeze bottle with your glue purchase.  Don't worry about loosing the cap because it's built in,  just shake up the mixture, pour it in the bottle and your ready to go.  


Sabrina's Skinny Glue is an easy to use, no mess glue specifically formulated for creating bead mosaics.  This glue is already mixed and ready to use.  No guessing on the quantity or ratio.  Just shake it up, open the top and pour into your favorite squeeze bottle as needed.  Then arrange and mix your beads as desired and pour the glue on top, allow it to sit for at least 24 hours to dry and then it's done.  

It provides even coverage of all your beads and dries clear underneath the beads so there is no residue or glue showing.  Just seal your work when it's done and your ready to enjoy your bead mosaic for years to come.  Multiple sizes are available for purchase 16 oz and 32 oz.


The formula is non-toxic and not harmful to touch, please do not ingest.


Watching the Youtube video Sabrina's Skinny Glue will help answer all of your questions about the best uses for this fornula.  We recommend only using glass beads as plastic beads are lighter and tend to float and move around.  In order to ensure the beads don't clump together try to keep the beads to a single level.

Sabrina's Skinny Glue Bundle

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