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For the bravest of Beaders, are you ready to dive right in but wonder what you need to get started?  If you already have tons of beads and ideas about projects then grab these bundles to help get on your way.  


Everything you need is included.  Save time and money by grabbing it all at once, just draw your design on the board and start creating.  If you need ideas we have patterns available with bead quantities already measured out too, check the kit and pattern section for options.


Bundle options include: 8x10, 9x12 and 11x14 sizes


Each bundle will include:

3 pack of project boards, Art Edge strips for your edges and image, Carbon Paper and Skinny Glue (quantities of each will vary based on size of project boards) See pictures for more details about each bundle.


If you need the tools then add the Starter toolkit at a reduced price of $19.95 to your bundle.

Project Bundles - everything you need

Excluding Sales Tax

Discount pattern

  • Bundle 1 $21.95 a $26 value

    1 - 3pk 8x10 backerboards

    3 sets of 4 -5mm Art Edge strips

    3 sets of 18 - 2mm Art Edge strips

    1 - 16 oz skinny glue

    1 - 3pk Carbon Paper

    Optional add Toolkit for 19.95


    Bundle 2 $29.95 a $40 value

    1 - 3 Pk 9x12 backerboards

    1 roll of 5mm Art Edge strips

    1 Sheet of 100 Black 2mm strips

    1 - 16 oz Skinny glue

    1 - 3Pk Carbon Paper

    Optional add toolkit for 19.95


    Bundle 3 $39.95 a $55 value

    1 - 3pk 11x14 backer boards

    1 rolls of 5mm Art Edge strips

    2 Sheets of 2mm Art Edge 100 strips - 1 blk + 1 Wht

    1 - 32 oz skinny glue

    1 - 8oz Squeeze bottle for your glue

    1 - 4 oz Aleene's Always Ready glue

    1 - 3 Pk Carbon Paper

    Optional add toolkit for 19.95

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