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These three stylized white flowers with black outlines look like a stained glass window and exude a certain simplicity and cheerfulness in the flowers. The flowers are connected by green stems with leaves, set against a textured blue background that represents the sky. The overall composition is framed with a black border suggesting a clear delimitation of the piece. The textures visible in the piece give it a textured effect. The choice of bright contrasting colors adds to the piece's visual appeal. 


What is your favorite color? Choose from four diffrent beautiful flower colors to create for this kits.  Each color makes a beautiful bouquet or buy multiple sets and mix the colors up.


Relax and enjoy making your very own bead mosaic art piece with this DIY kit.  This kit includes the following: 

  • One 8x10 MDF design board with Flowers pattern
  • All the beads needed to complete in chosen color
  • Pre-cut foam strips 
  • 4oz Sabrina's Skinny Glue
  • Instructions Sheet 
  • Online Tutorials


Consider getting the ToolKit as well so you will have all the tools necessary to create your bead mosaic.


Additional DIY Bead Mosaic Kits available, including Cactus, Peacock, Ocean Tide, Geometric, Sunset Sail, Balloon Ride and Sunset Butterfly.


Recommended for people 10 years old and older. Adult supervision recommended.

Bead Mosaic Kit - Flowers, various colors

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