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Do It Yourself Bead Mosaic Pattern - 8x10 Dragonfly


Do you have your own beads that need just the right project.  Use this pattern to create this bead mosaic art piece using your own beads and materials.  You will receive an email file once purchased to download the PDF.  The pattern download gives you step by step instructions, a traceable 8x10 pattern as well as bead amounts needed for each color and area.  No more guessing how many beads to buy or what you need to do it yourself.  Just trace the outline pattern to your board of choice and get started.  Step by step instructions are included as well as YouTube videos to help you with ideas and techniques.  


Purchase 3 patterns for just 4.95 each!


*Other materials are NOT included but CAN be purchased on this website except the beads. Consider one of our project bundles with everything you need to get started.


This is a digital download product designed to inspire you to customize and personalize the pattern provided.  Don't forget to post your finished work on the Bead Mosaic Facebook group so we can share in your creative wonder.

Bead Mosaic Pattern -Dragonfly

Excluding Sales Tax

Discount pattern

  • This is a PDF download file that includes a color sheet with bead quantities listed, a traceable 8x10 pattern sheet and detailed instructions for assembly.  No materials are included, it is designed so you can use your own beads and create a personal version of the design.  I encourage you to incorporate fun special beads or colors that will make the piece uniquely yours, then frame it and hang it for all to see and enjoy.  All the supplies needed for assembly are available on the website except the beads.  

    Purchase 3 patterns and pay just $4.95 each.

    Once down loaded DO NOT share or reproduce these materials in any way  as these designs are unique to Sabrina Frey Art.  Please respect that we work hard to create the designs and patterns and deserve to be compensated for our efforts.  Thank you.

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