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We are collectors!  We have Chief Hosa, Litte Raven!

We saw him last summer in Rapid City and loved him but didn’t buy. We kept talking about him and how great he would look in our sunroom/healing area. Fortunately he was still at the store waiting for us!  

Is that a cabinet door that he is on?  Love the way the beads hang off the bottom.  Your art is beautiful and special, filled with Love that we can feel!  Thank you for creating!      Cindy and Steve J.

 "I wanted to email you right away and tell you we just absolutely LOVE our Tree of Life art piece you created! We hung it up immediately and can’t wait to see how the sun hits it as it shines through the East and West facing windows of our sunroom. We are letting this beautiful piece renew our spirits and to encourage a fresh start. 

Thank you for your beautiful work that we are honored and blessed to have in our home."

Many Blessings,  Michelle & Chris H, CO

Hi there! My boyfriend and I bought our first piece of art together (your piece) in Sedona and just hung it! We are in love. Thank u!!!  It is so beautiful. Especially under the light! I’m sure it’ll be the first of many we buy from you.  M. Frenkel

"I’m very excited about having acquired ‘Aspen Lives’ as it is such an amazing 3-D art creation! I have found the perfect spot for it in my home and know it will be viewed and appreciated by many."  Tim Z, NC

"Recently Sabrina Frey posted a short video showing her process for her beautiful bead art on Seed Beads and More. I was intrigued and checked out her web site and was amazed at her talent and artistry. I saw on her web site that she offers lessons and I got in touch with her. Since I have been limited in my beading lately due to flare-ups of psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis, I thought maybe this could be an interesting technique for me that wouldn't require me to hold a small needle so tightly.
We conducted a learning session over Skype and I am thoroughly taken with the possibilities of this style of bead art. I found Sabrina to be a warm and caring instructor and she was so generous with her knowledge and tips. Thank you so much Sabrina! If you're intrigued by other uses for your bead stash beside jewelry making and bead weaving or if you just want to see some gorgeous pieces, I encourage you to check out her site. "  Loretta S, CA

"Sabrina is inspired by the beauty of nature to which she infuses into each piece of her art. Each piece is uniquely and intricately designed using her own technique by using glass beads and other mixed media. She inspires the artist within me and has so patiently taught me her techniques. She is an absolutely amazing artist and I would highly recommend her to anyone who would like to learn this style of art."
Rosemary J, NC

This Piece is an extrordinary piece of art, it lit up my soul when I saw it.    Isaiah G, CO

Thank you so much!!!  We had a wonderful time today learning to bead mosaic, chatting with everyone and getting some puppy love!!!  So 

excited about our pieces that we brought home!!!  Thank you for the amazing lunch too!!!  Looking forward to the next class!!!


Blake and Charity W, NC

 "I finally have it and it is beautifully hung in the entryway to our home and I love it. My temporary work from home office is in the room adjacent to the foyer and I’m able to enjoy the piece every day."  

Amy S, VA

" I LOVE LOVE Poppy’s Poppy!!  Thank you so much for creating a special gift for my granddaughter!!  Also the presentation makes it so unique!!"

Andrea C, Houston, TX

Sabrina-  Wanted to share with you.  We hung our pictures and love them!! So beautiful!  Thank you!

Karyn R, CO

Love love your art. Just bought a set of replica coasters for my daughter, she will love them. Saving up for a bigger bead piece at Christmas. Such amazingly beautiful and unique work. ❤️. Denise B, TX

"Thank you so much. I will treasure it always. You’re awesome and do amazing art... Your work is incredible. I've directed several of my friends to your website already after they saw Winters Glow in my kitchen. I'm working on a spotlight to further enhance its beauty. 

Your newest fan!"  Steve J, NC

Well the lighting does not do it justice, but your piece found a place In our little home. It was a pleasure to meet y'all!               Krystal, Bishop, and Wesley.  TX

Sabrina, "Into the Fall" arrived this morning. It's beautiful! You do amazing work! Every step of the way, you go "above and beyond". Please take care and I'm sure we'll be purchasing another piece of your incredible work. Take care, Nancy and Dick E, CO

I finally got my Sabrina Frey original hung up that we purchased at the Fountain Hills Art Festival in AZ. I am very excited to own this piece. It is giving me a push and inspiration to try my own hand at bead mosaics soon. Thanks Sabrina!   Sandy W.  AZ

 I love my Sabrina Frey “Summer Postcard” piece that I bought from Lunds Gallery in Park City. Every one who sees it on my desk stops and comments on it. No matter which body of water is important to them everybody says that the piece reminds them of Lake “xyz”. While I love my piece I also enjoyed the class I got to take with Sabrina. She was so generous with her knowledge and so encouraging that I dove right in when I got home. Which caused me to quickly realize how talented Sabrina is with this medium. Everything from line placement to color shading adds to the beautiful textural architecture of her work. Absolutely love it!

Lorrie M, NH

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