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If you want to enter one of your creations into the Bead Mosaic Competition here is where you pay the entry fee.  


Each entry costs $10 and you are allowed a maximum of three entries.

Purchase your entry here and you will receive a digital file with specific entry details.  Be sure to read the instructions carefully and submit all requirements.


No refunds will be issued for missing information or disqualified entrys.  You will receive an information sheet with additional details upon completition of your purchase.  DO NOT pay for fewer entrys than you plan to enter (example: paying for 1 entry but entering 3) if this happens all your entries will be disqualified.


Contest details can be found now on the Bead Mosaic Facebook Group Feature Section.  Please contact us with any specific questions.  All entries must be paid for and received by July 29, 2024 and winners will be announced on August 17, 2024.  The top 20 entries will be displayed in our online show until December 31, 2024.

Entry to Bead Mosaic Competition

Excluding Sales Tax
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