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Suzie Gregg, found her artistic passion early on, guided by her beloved aunt who introduced her to a diverse array of creative mediums. From melting crayons into captivating artworks to crafting intricate papier-mâché animals with bits of newspaper and glue, her creative journey began to take shape. Her deep love for nature and a strong commitment to conservation led Suzie to incorporate broken jewelry and beads into her art, a natural evolution that defines her artistic style today. Over the years, Suzie explored a variety of techniques, but her heart was ultimately captured by the world of mixed media. What truly sets her art apart is her distinctive bead mosaic technique. Mosaics, an art form steeped in history, deeply resonate with Suzie's belief in the transformative beauty of broken or small pieces coming together to form a stunning whole. She meticulously hand-places small glass beads and crystals, creating a painterly effect that brings out shadow, texture, and intricate detail in her bead mosaic pieces. The fusion of this technique with mixed media breathes new life and depth into her artwork.  Since 2019, she has dedicated herself fully to the path of a full-time artist, channeling her creativity into her art. 

You can contact Suzie or see more of her work on

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